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the new episode of ScottChurchPresents is now live, this time we present one of my closest friends, Nyxon, and give a nice tour of the new studio

the new episode of ScottChurchPresents is now live, this time we present one of my closest friends, Nyxon, and give a nice tour of the new studio

the first half my Interview with just went live.  i think it turned out great, please go give it a listen:

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the time has come, Season 2 Episode 3 of 'ScottChurch Presents' with the lovely Amie Jo Heffner is now live!

Episode 2/Season 2 of Scott Church Presents is up! In our second installment, Ms. Jocelyn Ferreire will charm the pants off you. Another brilliant set of photos and great interviews. Enjoy.

ScottChurch Presents: Jocelyn Ferreire from TJ Pictures on Vimeo.

our latest episode features the lovely Sarah Liz, go check it out!

it's now official, get signed up now if you want to go with us

For the 8th year in a row, my Christmas tradition is back once again!

You know you didn't get everything you wanted yesterday, now's the chance to fix that tragedy and get something nice for yourself cheap.

This is my top 33 of 2013, the best from the year past.

Just like my previous sales , you can get any one of these images in a beautiful 11x14 print for only $50

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Click on any of the images for a look back at the day I made each of these shots.  It takes forever to do all of these links, so..... enjoy.












Plus, as an added bonus, I have included 3 images with no nudity or models, because hey, sometimes you want to be able to show your mom what you bought.  Feel free to be shy and still buy!


As always, you are not limited to just these choices.  Feel free to suggest any image I might have missed, I'm happy to make prints of just about anything you want, even stuff from way back.

If you'd like a look back at my boxing day sales from years past, here are the links:…………………
a student from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh sent me a list of interview questions for an assignment she was doing, i thought you might enjoy reading them and my answers:

1. Is there a certain genre or theme that sells better than others? Why?

sells better than others? i have no idea, i've never really thought about what i do in terms of what sells and what doesn't. if you are looking to get into this for the money you are going to be horribly disappointed.

2. Is there a certain method of communicating/advertising that draws in an audience more than another? What do you believe the reasoning for it is?

i don't advertise conventionally in any way. i have always just tried to show my work to as many people as i possibly could through whatever means possible and let my audience find me.

3. What is your unique personal voice in your photography, that separates you from
the others?

i'm not sure i have one. i would like to think that i have developed a style of my own, a "look" to my work which has come from experience over the years, but even that could just possibly be 40 years of media influenced filtered through my life experience.

4. How important is it to keep a diverse gallery and constantly updating it?

it is incredibly important for a photographer to keep busy, to keep working and challenging themselves. the best part of what i do is that it never stops, every day is a new experience and should be treated as yet another contest against itself to do better than what you did yesterday.

5. Is there a particular age group that you advertise to the most? What exactly pulls
that particular age group in?

nope. i am happy to work with anyone that wants to work with me. i am thrilled when someone new discovers my work and enjoys it, no matter the age.

6. If you were to give advice to a photographer attempting to get their "foot in the
door", what would your best advice be?

shoot more. get more experience, the minute you think you're ready is the minute you realize how much you don't know. this is not an end-sum game, this is a building process. your audience and your clients will let you know when you've "arrived".

7. Were there been any complications that occurred during the start up at your
business that could have been prevented?

complications? there have been too many to list, but each one of these set-backsi have treated like a learning experience and grown, even if the lesson learned was how not to make the same mistake twice.

8. How do you budget what profits from the photography goes into getting new

i'm terrible with this sort of thing, sometimes it seems like i'm spending everything i make back into the business, sometimes it's years between buying new stuff. i have never been an equipment whore, i keep things very simple. i find what works for me and i stick with it until it absolutely needs replaced. my current go-to caera body hasn't been replaced for more than 3 years at this point, and i still shoot with it everyday.

9. What equipment do you use for each type of photography? Do you find yourself
favoring one lens results to achieve the look you want for all of your photography?

i shoot Nikon Cameras and lenses, my go-to body is a d300s, and i use 4 lenses consistently, a 18-200vr, a 50mm 1.8, a 35mm 1.8 and an 85mm 1.8. with this set up i can shoot just about anything. for my editing i use Photoshop on a MAC laptop.

10. What do you believe is the big "no-no" that photographers do/say, that actually
turns away present/future clients?

never talk about money, it turns off clients. it's ok for people to know that you're successful, but no one wants to know that you're rolling around in piles of their money. talking about money makes you look like an absolute dick, and it loses you more business than it can ever get you.

11. In terms of your portfolio; Do you have one main portfolio or do you have portfolios for each theme/genre the clients are looking for? IE: Wedding Portfolio - A portfolio strictly filled with only weddings that you have photographed.

i consider all of my work to be equal in it's importance, i separate it only to show it to individual clients for specific purposes, not to differentiate it by importance. my "work" is an ever growing and complete body in total.

12. What are the key photographs to have in your portfolio to attract all ages?

good ones.

13. When asked to see your portfolio, do you have more clients that prefer to view it on the internet or in a physical book? Why do you think that is?

all of my clients view my work on the internet first.

14. How often do you update your portfolios? Why do you find that this amount of time benefits you and the consumer?

everyday, constantly. i have a blog, (, that i have been day-to-day updating since 2004. that, along with all of the other social media sites that i update everyday, (facebook, deviantart, tumbler, fetlife, twitter, instagram, ect) constitute all of my "advertising", they are where people find me.

15. What brand or artistic voice are you trying to get to your consumers?

my brand. my clients hire me to do what i do, they want the kind of work that i produce everyday. i am the luckiest man in the world.

16. How important is it to have an up to date portfolio in this particular line of work?

it is paramount to stay busy and constantly produce new work. this is what keeps potential, current, and repeat clients interested in what you do, and makes them want to work with you.
my new book of photographs, "So There Is No Doubt" is now available for sale in hardcover, softcover and ebook formats

i will only be selling 100 print copies of this book, (hard or soft cover)

after 100 print copies are sold it will only be available as an e-book…