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Jocelyn​ and i are leaving for florida today to teach open classes at Caliente International Resort and Spa​ all week next week, with Amie​ and Savannah​ joining us on Monday.

if you would like to join us, please feel free!


we still have room for a couple more students to come and join us for my class at Caliente in Florida Next month.

if you live close to the resort, they would be happy to make you a deal to have you join us just for the class without actually staying there and having to pay for a room.

if you would like to attend, please get yourself pre-registered by clicking the link so we can keep up with numbers!

For the 9th year in a row, my Christmas tradition is back once again!  This time with a Twist because 2015 is my 25th year as a Professional Photographer!  You know you didn't get everything you wanted yesterday, now's the chance to fix that tragedy and get something nice for yourself cheap.

This is my top 26 of 2014, the best from this past year.

Just like my previous sales , you can get any one of these images in a beautiful 11x14 print for only $50  OR Any 3 11x14's from this selection can be yours for a special price of only $100  

All images will be Signed and Numbered, Shipping and Handling is Included! 

not seeing 3 you want from this year, howbout a trip in the way-back machine through the last 7 or 8 years?  feel free to pick from any of these images too!

Note:  This is the last time any of these older images will be offered in a Boxing day sale for this reduced price, so if you want one of them, get them now, because they will never be this cheap again.











149. 150. 151. 

152. 153. 154.

155. 156. 157.

158. 159. 160.

161. 162. 163.

Now, I know what you're thinking... I want ALL 189 images!  Can I do that?

Yes! yes you can, and you can do it for the incredibly reduced price of $3999.99!  that's less than $25 a print!

PAY-PAL and Credit Cards Accepted@
it came to my attention today that there might be some confusion with my February Class at Caliente International Resort and Spa in Florida.  i updated the flyer, hopefully this helps.

the prices listed are all Per Couple, not per person. and this is a class to teach couples to work with each other, (not how to shoot couples), (the class will be fun for singles too, i promise, don't feel like you have to bring a date).

anyway, here you go: