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My new Book "GirlWorld" is almost ready to be released, i have decided to pre-sell 100 signed and numbered copies before it actually comes out.

these 100 copies will be the only copies that will be signed and numbered.

if you would like to get one of the only 100 signed copies, just send me $60 to my pay-pal ( or message me to use your CC.

thanks so much in advance!

Jocelyn​ and i are leaving for florida today to teach open classes at Caliente International Resort and Spa​ all week next week, with Amie​ and Savannah​ joining us on Monday.

if you would like to join us, please feel free!


we still have room for a couple more students to come and join us for my class at Caliente in Florida Next month.

if you live close to the resort, they would be happy to make you a deal to have you join us just for the class without actually staying there and having to pay for a room.

if you would like to attend, please get yourself pre-registered by clicking the link so we can keep up with numbers!