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interview from last night with  talking about teaching what i do.

For the 10th year in a row, my Christmas tradition is back once again!

You know you didn't get everything you wanted yesterday, now's the chance to fix that tragedy and get something nice for yourself cheap.

This is my top 30 of 2015, the best from the year past.

Just like my previous sales , you can get any one of these images in a beautiful 11x14 print for only $50

Any THREE 11x14's from this selection can be yours for a special price of only $100

And, as my special "yeah right, like anyone would do this, (but someone always does)" bonus you can get all 30 of these outstanding images for only $850!  

Thats a huge savings, less than $30 a print!

Just send the cash to my PayPal with your selections, (,  or message me to pay with your Major Credit Card, and you'll have your prints before you recover from your New Years Eve hangover!

All images will be Signed and Numbered, shipping and handling is included!

Click on any of the images for a look back at the day I posted each of these shots.  It takes forever to do all of these links, so..... enjoy.

As always, you are not limited to just these choices.  Feel free to suggest any image I might have missed, I'm happy to make prints of just about anything you want, even stuff from way back.

Please put the numbers of the prints you want in one of the address lines when you order.
Thanks So Much in advance!
I can finally talk about this.  This has been an outstanding year for me so far, filled with many successes.  This moment stands out among all of the others.  One of my photographs of one of my closest friends has been chosen for the cover of PENTHOUSE Magazine for their October issue.

I have been a fan of PENTHOUSE for as long as I can remember.  This isn’t the first time my work has appeared in the magazine.  A little more than a year ago I photographed Renee Graziano from VH1’s Mob Wives for the magazine which led to me meeting John Faraci, the art Director, who then hired me and my team to do a few more shoots for the magazine, including photographing Colin Quinn from SNL and Labretta Suede and the Motel 6.

In the past year we have become friends with not only John, but also the exectutive editor of the magazine, Barbara Rice and (former) photo reseacher Rachel Hatch.

All of the events of the past year have led now to my greatest gold star with PENTHOUSE, this cover image and featured set of my friend Sarash Hunter.

Sarah and I have been close for years and I could not be happier that my first cover for the magazine features someone I love so much.

The issue goes on sale tomorrow and should be on newsstands worldwide by next week!  Please, do your best to find a copy, I couldn’t be more proud to show these photographs off!

i have been firing all pistons lately and doing really good work, so, just cuz i feel like doing it i am offerring these 5 images as prints for the incredibly low price of $40 each for a beautiful signed 11×14 or, as a special deal you can get all 5 for $150


Pay-Pal ( or CC accepted, (message me with CC info)

this is a one day only, and it ends at midnite tonight so order right now!

we still have space if you want to attend our class at Caliente Resort next month, AND, we are happy to book individual PHOTO SHOOTS for Florida clients while we are there too.

we will be around Tampa Florida for 2 1/2 don't miss out on the oppertunity to learn from and work with us while we're there!

My new Book "GirlWorld" is almost ready to be released, i have decided to pre-sell 100 signed and numbered copies before it actually comes out.

these 100 copies will be the only copies that will be signed and numbered.

if you would like to get one of the only 100 signed copies, just send me $60 to my pay-pal ( or message me to use your CC.

thanks so much in advance!